10 Acid rain questions

Why does acid rain occur?

Scientists have discovered that air pollution from burning fossil fuels is the major cause of acid rain.

What can solve acid rain?

Scientists have been trying to reduce the amount of sulfur oxides. This decreases the result of clean air. Scientist have to decrease sulfur oxides by 50% to be able to slow down or prevent acid rain.

What chemicals are involved in acid rain?

 Burning fossil fuels emit sulphur dioxide. When sulphur dioxide reaches the atmosphere it forms to be a sulphate ion. Sulphate ion then join together with hydrogen atoms which become sulphuric acid. This then falls to earth to become  acid rain

Where does it occur?

The united state sometimes experience acid rain and that is because ⅔ of SO2 and ¼ of NOX. These come from electric power generators which burn fossil fuels.

Why is acid rain harmful?

Scientists say that acid rain can be very harmful towards plants such as trees and the soil. Areas that show acid rain show a lot of damage towards nature due to its impact and burning ability.

What can humans do to solve or predict when it happens?

A research project called the integrated lake watershed acidification study the conduct of the electric power of acid rain. They observed the amount of acid rain and snow that is received there to show a comparison.

What is acid rain?

Acid rain is an effect of air pollution. When certain materials are burned they release certain chemicals that can mix within tiny droplets of water which can form sulphuric and nitric acids.

How acidic is acid rain?

Acidity is measured by a pH scale. the  scale goes from 0 to 14, making zero the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline. Rain is always slightly acidic because it mixes with naturally occurring chemicals.

How much damage does a building receive from acid rain?

Acid rain has corrosive effect towards limestone and marble buildings or sculptures. Wet or dry deposits of sulphur dioxide increases the rate of corrosion in marble and limestone buildings.

Why are humans doing something to solve acid rain?

Humans can help solve  acid rain if there are less air pollutants that are released into the air to prevent the form of sulphur dioxide. We can reduce air pollution by conserving energy, recycling paper, plastics, and aluminum cans.

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